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My Home theater.

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Well I put together this theater last January and these pics were taken right after I finished it. Some stuff was added after these pics were taken. Keep in mind I did not have a huge budget as I am only a 20yr old college student. I will try to get updated pics soon. Hopefully soon I will move the theater to out upstairs room and I will have a dedicated theater room.

The system is made up of.


Panny AX100u

Dalite 107" screen


Pioneer 1016txv

Bic Acoustech surround system


Comcast DVR box via component (not pictured)

Xbox 360 elite via hdmi w/ hddvd addon

PS3 60gb premium via hdmi

Wii via component

HTPC via pc input

all cable were from monoprice

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hey i like the setup mate. Very nice. Nothing beats the big screen for movies and games. Bet all your friends come to your place for movie night! Well done. If you haven't already played it try assasins creed, for either xbox or ps3... awesome jumping off the steeples on a big screen. Still sends shivers down my spine.
This is a setup I did for my aunt and cousin over the summer. Sorry for the poor quality pics.

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