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Audio System:

Marantz SR5300 6.1 6x95watt Receiver with RDS Tuner

Denon DVD2900 DVD Audio/Video Player

NAD C541i CD Player (Burr Brown DAC's)


B&W DM602 s3 Front Speakers with Atacama Stands

B&W DM601 s3 Rear Speakers with Atacama Stands

B&W LCR60 s3 Centre Speaker x2 with Atacama Stands

B&W ASW600 Sub Woofer

Video System:

Dell FP2000 20.1" Monitor

Sony VPL-HS2 Projector (16:9) for Movies & TV

Sanyo PLC-SW20A Projector (4:3) for PC & Some TV

Draper Luma 90" 16:9 Screen

HTPC System:

AMD Athlon XP 2400+

512mb Ram, 120gb HDD, Geforce 4 TI Graphics, M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Sound Card PCI


QED Silver Aniversay Bi-Wire to both Front Speakers

QED Qudos Bi-Wire to Both Centres & Rear Speakers

QED MPSW 13meter Subwoofer Interconnect x2 (L/R)

QED Qunex 1 Interconnect x2 (CD Player & NTL Box)

QED Qunex SR75 Digital Lead for DVD Player / PC

QED Qunex SVS S Video to S Video Lead (DVD - Rcvr), (Rcvr - Proj1 & 2)

Future Upgrades:

Change Receiver to a nice British Made / Tuned one like the Arcam ~Diva AVR200 + Arcam Power Amp's - As B&W Speakers are british made & tuned the system should sound more cohearent.

Any comments / Feedback is very welcome.
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