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My HS10 is delayed, again

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Latest word on the HS10 release saga:

Sony Aus is carrying 250 back orders for the HS10, seems to be the most succesful pj launch in recent history (or at least it will be if they ever actually ship units!)

Mine is delayed (along with all other Aus customers) until November 26th at the earliest, more likely by the end of the month.

Somebody pass the prozac...
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Arggh, not good news (again). Builty, I'd lend you some of mine, but it looks I'll be needing to double up. :eek:
should we just give up and jump on AE300 ship ????? what U think B H ???
letMe - I'm not the right guy to ask. I've been on the fence so long I'm starting to get lead poisoning - another few weeks for me isn't a deal breaker.
me too .. I know what I want and I want HS10 .. But for ONCE I would hope Sony would stop toying with us and release it already .... if not for this problem with AE300, I would be all over it like a ....... on a .......... ..

I went on sonystyle.com and talked to sony rep in Live help section, and even he/she did not know when it will be released ...

well Im going to sleep... Someone wake me up when its released .. Until then Im going to dream in HDTV

quick question.. Once we get what we want , do you think we will spend as MUCH time on Avsforums as we do now ???? Im checking this forum non stop ..... way too much time, hoping to see some new info on ......... . hmm
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I'm spending too much time here too, should be working :)

I've come this far, I'm not going to jump ship when the dock is in sight. I still think the Panny is a low-res compromise of unknown reliability, so I'm in for the long haul. This time next week I'll hopefully be close to having it in hand.

Couldn't believe 250 preorders in Aus alone - thats over $1 million dollars worth. Imagine how many world wide. Sony must be kicking themselves more than we are, they have an awesome product if they could only deliver.

At least you have seen the HS10 in action. Us poor suffering Sandgropers in WA cannot even get to see an in store demo......
According to Sony ETA in California is 11-26(this year)
Marty, where did you get that info, if you don't mind sharing?
Just got this email form my local dealer today.

"Hello Michael,

We finally got word from Sony that I will have inventory on the Sony HS2 on Dec2 we are taking preorders now so don’t miss out. You cost at **** is $**** plus shipping. We still do not have a definate inbound date for the HS10.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best Regards,


Today is exactly a month since I've been waiting for this projector :( :( .

Must have patience.
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Sorry, everyone, but this thread is attracting dealers who are offering their services, and the dealers have conveniently disabled personal messaging. Thread closed.
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