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I decided to post my system setup on this site as well. I have been into audio for about 12 years now. My system has changed a lot since then.
As of now my system consists of the following:
Marantz AV 7702 mkII
Original video settings
Video Mode-Auto
Video Conversion-On
I\p scaler-HDMI
-Resolution (HDMI) 1080p
-Progressive Mode auto
-Aspect Ratio 16:9

Velodyne SMS-1

Wyred4sound STmkII
Wyred4sound MC7150

LG CX 65" 2020 model

OPPO 203
Custom built server(post 1258)/JRiver media software
Nivida Shield with Plex for 4k rips
Raid 1 18.1
Raid 2 21.8 TB
Sony PS3

JM Labs 1027Be,
JM Labs CC1000be,
JM Labs Chorus 705v,
Sib Evo Atmos
Seaton Sound SubMersive HP(program 2),

2 Lazy Boy Leather Harbor Town recliners
Crowson Technology TES 100 Tactile Motion System(for one chair)
Buttkicker BKA 1000 Amplifier

Power Protector
APC H15BLK 12-Outlet H-Type Rack-Mountable Power Conditioner

2 GIK Tri-Traps.
2 GIK 242 bass traps
4 GIK 244 bass traps
The room itself is quite small. It is (LxWxH) 12.5fx9.5fx8f. But I try to make the most of it. Let me know what you think.
Rather then showing what the room used to look like, I will just show some more recent pictures.


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Now here are some detailed charts and such that I did. This was with my old preamp, that was Halo C2 and an old EQ I had, the DSP30.
OK. Craig John from AVS came over on Sat. I asked him over so he could help me take some more measurements. We got them but I think somehow, I don't know how, my center was damaged. Craig thinks that maybe were turning the amps on and off to many times. We really did not tax it that much. After it happened the center sounded distorted. Now it has lost much of its SPL. So at this point I am running a phantom center, which surprisingly, sounds very good. I guess that's partly due to my setup. I want to show a before and after with the changes I have made. The first Chart is Craigs FR chart. In another email,This is what he told me about that chart:
I believe the charts are for the L\\R speakers not all speakers
With an 80 Hz crossover, the left part of the graph is the sub by itself, (from 80 Hz down.) The speakers take over at 80 Hz and from there up to 300 Hz, (the last gradation in the graph is 250, but the right edge of the graph is 300), the response is pretty much all the speakers. The peaks at around 100 Hz would be from the speakers, not the sub. The valleys from about 175 Hz to 300 Hz are also from the speakers. However, they are caused by the interaction of the speakers and the room. They are NOT the native response of the speakers by themselves.

The second is Mark's original FR chart that was with the big wall unit in the room, my big Sony TV and no room treatments. The Third chart is the Response Time chart. Now, also, here are some of Craig's other thoughts:
"Hi Mike.
I've attached the the graphs of your frequency response, real time analysis and RT-60. I saved them as jpeg's, to reduce the file size. They all show the bump at about 100 Hz and the dip at 250 Hz. Other than those 2 issues, which I believe are room related, (and likely not fixable without Room Correction/EQ), your system measures pretty good. The one graph that really surprised me was the RT-60. In your small room, I expected a longer reverb time, so to see it below 250 ms over the entire range, and under 200 ms over the range above 250 Hz was quite surprising. The low reverb time is certainly due to your room treatments, so good job on that! Also, fortunately, your system *sounds* even better than it measures. I'm sure this is also due to your acoustic treatments. Dennis and I really enjoyed the day yesterday. However, we both felt bad about the way it ended, with the blown Center Channel speaker. Hopefully, it won't be a big deal to get it fixed. If it's any kind of a hassle, let me know and I'll try to help out. In the meantime, enjoy your system."



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So my first preamp was a Halo C2. Recently I bought an Integra 80.2 and an OPPO 83 BR player. The following charts and thoughts deal with that aspect of my system. In addition to those changes, we moved my surrounds and moved my racks apart. Plus I bought the upgraded amp for my SubMersive.

This will be a quick update. I may do a longer one after I get more time with the system. First, every thing went as planned. Craig and Dennis spent all day at my house setting up my system. They moved my surrounds, moved my racks, installed the new amp and installed the Integra and OPPO. For the SubMersive amp we did the following:

"We ran Audyssey in Prog. 1 and then switched to Prog. 2. IOW, your sub is about 3 dB hot at 20 Hz. Nice little "house curve", with flat response above that. "I have only watched one movie and listened to some music but the changes were huge. I am happy I made these moves. I hope to have a new chart up soon.

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one more
So that is the new look. You can easily see that we centered the TV and placed the racks on either side of it. I really do like the new look but the system sounds fantastic. It has never sounded this good before. And not be a snob but I replaced some gear that retailed for much more then the Integra and OPPO does but the Integra and OPPO are so much better for music and movies then my other setup was. Blu Ray and reg def DVD sound and look great. Also CD's sound really good. The sub and mains blend so well it is sick. Anybody who says the SubMersive can't play music does not have it set up right. Tommorow and this week end the real tests begin. WOTW, TF2 to start. We will see what happens with those dynamics.
All in all a very good upgrade.


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Finally Mike you have your awesome system up here but I cannot see any pics?
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