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Samsung HLP6163

Hughes HR10-250 (HD DirecTivo)

Denon DVD-1910

Microsoft XBox

Kenwood VR-510

Earthquake Sound IW846 (x5)

Earthquake SuperNova MKIV-10

Monster PowerCenter HTS3500

Philips Pronto NG TSU3000

CinemaQuest Ideal-Lume

Legacy equipment:

Princeton Graphics Arcadia AR2.7T

RKR Cassini HTPC

Sony SAT-HD100

Sony SVR2000 (upgraded to 180 hrs)

I've been a longtime reader of AVS Forum and have relied upon the expertise and insights shared herein since my first foray into home theater in late 2000. This forum has been an indispensable resource to my consumer research process, and I'd like to express my gratitude to all forum members for the knowledge and experience you've willingly shared.

I initially discovered the site while researching progressive scan DVD players in 2000. At that time, progressive scan was still an exotic feature, and the only choices available were expensive consumer models and HTPCs. I bought a Princeton 27" TV/monitor hybrid and an RKR Cassini to get the most bang for my buck. The following year, AVS Forum made me aware of HD tuners and led me to choose the Sony model. 2001 saw my introduction to the wonders of Tivo, as well. It has become the one home theater innovation I wouldn't want to do without.

My current media room is composed of the equipment listed at top. DLP, HD Tivo, DVI DVD, and XBox are a fantastic combination. Even though the Kenwood receiver is three years old, its THX sound drives the Earthquakes cleanly and with power to spare. I'm looking forward to many years of not going out to the movies.
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