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My HT/Music/Game System

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TV - JVC 32"

DVD - Panasonic 310

VCR - Panasonic

Front Speakers - Klipsch RF3

Rear Speakers - Infinity RF4

Amp - B&K AV6125

Pre/Pro - Klipsch DD 5.1

This is the way I have mine setup so that you can picture how it looks.

The Pre/Pro has it's Front L & R, Rear L & R channels going to 4 channels of the amp. I only have 4 speakers.

My DVD player uses the COAX Dig input.

My XBOX uses the Optical Dig input.

My VCR uses the RS Audio Input 1 > PreAmp Line Out.

My PS2 uses the RS Audio Input 2 > PreAmp Line Out.

My XBOX uses the RSAudio Input 3 > PreAmp Line Out.

My GCN uses the RS Audio Input 4 > PreAmp Line Out.

My PC uses the PreAmp Aux 1.

I have a Radio Shack 4 in 2 out video selector.

SVideo out 1 goes to my TV. Composite is converted to SVideo.

SVideo out 2 goes to my PC.

My DVD player uses SVideo Input 1.

My VCR uses Composite Input 1.

My PS2 uses SVideo Input 2.

My XBOX uses SVideo Input 3.

My GCN uses Composite Input 4.

My PC uses SVideo Input 4.

I have a HTM MX-500 remote.

The PC uses StreamZap IR/Girder control.

Oh yeah my interconnects

My PrePro > Amp uses Monster M550i.

My Speakers are connected with Z1.

My DVD uses Monster Video 2 and Datalink 100.

My VCR uses AR COAX Dig for Composite Video and Interlink 250.

My PS2 uses Monster GameLink 300.

My XBOX uses Monster GameLink 300 & Lightwave 100x.

My GCN uses stock cabling.

My PC uses Monster Video 2 and Interlink 100.

The RS Switch uses Monster Video 2 to TV.
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