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I took to this hobby about a year ago. My wife got me started when she wanted to buy a new tv. That got the wheels spinning and I was planning and wishing to get a nice HT setup for our small living room from that time. Fortunately for me, and thanks to my wife, I was able to extend my budget and get much more than I had originally hoped.

Here's the system I finally put together from Dec '02 - May '03:

Samsung HLN4365 DLP RPTV :)

Sony Wega KV32FV27 (moved to bedroom)

Harman Kardon AVR-525

Panasonic CP72S

Sony SVR-3000 TiVo Series2

misc A/V cabling

Acoustic Energy AEsprit:

AE300 (main)

AE307 (center)

AE301 (rear)

XLO Pro600 11 AWG wire (mains only) w/ custom jumpers for biwire posts

IXOS 603 13 AWG wire (center and surrounds)

Acoustic Research banana plugs

SVS PB1-ISD:cool:

BlueJeansCable 25' subwoofer cable


MX-500 remote
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