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Well I here something that happened to me yesterday that made me feel reel good with building my HTPC.

Yesterday I was having Direct TV (switching from cable) installed in my living room 42 720p plasma and my 19 bedroom TV. I got the standard channels with the HD package for the plasma.

Downstairs in my refinished basement I have a 61 1080p DLP that I have my HTPC hooked up to an OTA antenna in the attic. Going downstairs to show this guy what wires to touch he sees the DLP and says what about this TV? Well I inform him that I have it hooked up to a computer and get HD FREE and have software that functions as a DVR (Beyond TV). Well he was extremely curious so I fired my HTPC up and showed him how it worked.

He was totally blown away and he stated that this DVR functionality was allot better than their unit. He then asked a bunch of questions trying to find out how he could get his computer to do what mine did. I gave him a few tips and ended it by saying for him to come to this sight for info. So take it easy on any new newbie looking on building a HTPC.

To bad it is going to be a while (if ever) for us to see HTPC HD cards/decoders for SAT. and/or Cable. Otherwise I would build a few more HTPC's.

For those who are curious my setup is:

Thermaltake Bach Case

Thermaltake Passive (fanless) water cooling of CPU, GPU & Northbridge)

Ultra X2 550w PS


HDD space 2x500GB

BFG 7950 GT OC

AMD 4400 X2 (89w)

Lite-on DVD burner

Blue Tooth Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse

Fusion 5 RT Lt

CM 4228 directional UHF antenna with amp

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$500 for that little quick fix is pretty stiff. Any signs in sight of competition that would drive the price down to something more reasonable?

The reason the DirecTV guy was so taken with your HTPC's DVR functionality is that the latest DirecTV HD DVR, the HR20, is a stinking, festering piece of skunk dung compared to the old Tivo-based DVR receivers. I'd love to swap to a good PC-based DVR system that would record HD signals from a plain old non-DVR HD DirecTV receiver and dump the HR20.
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