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Let me just start by saying thanks in advance for any help! You guys are a great source...Now my problem.

I recently had a flood in my house and we have moved in to an apartment in the meantime until all the damage is repaired.. I have a custom PC I built and due to space constraints at the new place I have no place for my monitor so I thought I would hook up my PC to my Samsung HLT6187SAX. First I tried VGA but could not get the 1080p to work for some odd reason. So I went HDMI. My PC has an ATI HD5870 with an HDMI hookup so I went that route. When I went the VGA route I got mostly "Unsupported Mode" when I tried connecting. Even at what the manual said was supported resolutions...(and at the resolutions that worked it was still a crappy picture)

So now with HDMI I get a picture that is not only not sharp but is bent at the bottom left region and does not take up my entire screen. The kicker is that this only appears once windows loads. When I am the Windows Login screen (windows 7, sorry) the screen fills complete and looks OK. So I have tried pretty much every setting I can image and cannot score. Am I wrong in assuming that I should have a crystal clear picture with HDMI to my bigscreen? Any help is of course appreciated! Happy Holidays!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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