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Finally got my HTPC up and running (for the most part). Here's my specs:

SimpleMAX 101 Micro ATX Case

Athlon XP 2600+ Barton

Chaintech CT-7NIF2 MB

2 x 256MB PC3200 running dual channel

120GB Western Digital HD


Gyration Ultra SUite

6-1 Card Reader

Windows XP Pro

Radeon 9200 128MB

myHTPC Front-End

Power DVD 5.0

I have myHTPC and PowerDVD controlled with my Sony RM-AV3000 via Girder. I'm using the onboard sound right now as I'm waiting for the S/PDIF connector to arrive from Chaintech.

Here's a photo of the case. I originally wanted to go with a D.vine series 5 case, but I couldn't convince my GF to let me spend that much on just the case. I liked the SimpleMAX case because of the silver color and the blue light on the front.



I was having a huge problem with over heating since I wanted to keep the PC in the cabinet.


I figured keeping it in the cabinet would help with any noise coming from the PC. That and my girlfriend didn't want it on the floor. I left the PC on overnight in the cabinet and the case was extremely hot. I found a fan and mounted it directly behind the exhaust fan in the back of the case and left it on overnight again. The case was very cool and the inside was very cool too. Worked out nicely. :)

I'm trying out GotTV and Snapstream as my recording software but am having difficulty getting both programs to work with my remote. I may try to upgrade the remote to a Philips Pronto.

It's still a work in progress, mostly software-wise, but I'm pretty happy with it overall.
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