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My humble system

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After seeing all these pics (I must do some) and system configs I thought I might share my little system.

Room is actually two rooms in one at 4.5m x 7.2m x 2.7m high

PJ is a Seleco SVP 350 ( I will upgrade to multi-sync when I can afford it)

DVD is Toshiba sd 2108 - nice smooth unit - multizoned

Receiver is a pro-logic Sony strde 815g with egg remote

Digital decoder is a Sony unit which outputs AC3

CD player is a Technics Mash unit

VCR is a Sony 827 -

Satellite Foxtel using UEC decoder (its our cable version)

Screen is a Da-lite roller 100" matte

Speakers are VAF DC-X fronts, DC-6 centre, and DC-2 rear (which interchange with Paradigm 5SEs sometimes, sub is a VAF LF

(Speakers are Australian made mail order - which are the rave over here)

The whole kit cost me $14k AUD and I have two recliners. Unfortunately the room is also used for otehr things as an office, etc, but I am gradually persuading the better half to redecorate so that the theatre will be a higher priority.

I really want an NEC or SONY 1292 but these are still too expensive here, as for the NEC LT150 its around $8000 AUD!

I just have to save more pennies and (Heaven forbid!) sell the Daimler (Van Den Plas to those in the US) - that would be a wrench!


:D :D :D
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