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My Latest HTPC Setup - Mobile Platform T7600

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I built my new HTPC last week and it's working great with my 46" XBR3. Here are the specs:

Motherboard: ASUS N4L-DH Viiv Compliant

CPU: Intel T7600 2.33GHz 667FSB 4MB Core 2 Duo

Memory: 2GB DDR2-667

Video Card: eVGA 7950GX2 1GB

Storage: 2 x WD 320GB 16MB SATA 3G @ RAID 0

Optical Drive: NEC 3550A 16x Dual Layer DVD+/-RW

Case: Antec Fusion

Power Supply: Replaced the 430W with a 550W Antec TruePower 3

OS: Windows MCE 2005

I had two concerns prior to building this system, both pertaining to the video card:

1. Sound (the 7950GX2 fans)

2. Heat (7950GX2 in a small chassis)

The Antec Fusion has excellent cooling, and enough room for sufficient airflow. The 7950GX2 is staying relatively cool even during extreme gaming. My two concerns were put to rest. I am very impressed with the Fusion case. Most of the poeple who have seen my home theater setup have not been able to identify the computer. The only problem I saw was that the VFD display misspelled "Edition" with "Edtion." No big deal :) The T7600 CPU performs quite well, as well as the desktop version (Conroe) CPUs, with the exception of DDR2-800 support. This was my first shot at a mobile platform on a desktop system and I highly recommend it! My other system in the household is a Dual Woodcrest Workstation :)

Overall, the system is very quiet and stay relatively cool. The fans on the 7950GX2 speed up during gaming, but definitely not loud enough to be noticeable amidst all the action. As for the Home Theater aspect, I am using an HDMI to DVI cable to connect the HTPC to my XBR3. The picture is absolutely flawless! Movies and games look great! I have ditched my Samsung HD Upconverting DVD player in favor of my new HTPC.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to provide as much information as I can.
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Where can one buy MCE 2006 and which WD drives do you have? Are they quiet when seeking..
Oops, sorry. I meant to type MCE 2005 :) I have the WD3200KS drives. I can't hear them from 6 feet away. They are fast also.
Going to try Vista RC1 tonight.
That's a pretty high end HTPC.

I was wondering if the specified 5.5" height includes the feet or not?
Originally Posted by cboy168
That's a pretty high end HTPC.

I was wondering if the specified 5.5" height includes the feet or not?
i upgraded to Windows RC2. Runs great. I'll check on the exact height, including the feet. One of the reasons that I chose to go with this case was so that it would fit in my stand, which allowed for about 6" of height.
I have almost the same setup , but i did not buy the gx2 vid cards, as it's not listed as supported by asus or nvidia for sli mode on this board.. how did you get it working and what bios are you using?
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