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Hi All

I am new to blu-ray and was having problems with it. so i wanted you guys help.

I purchased an lg blu-ray drive for my desktop. the problem is that when i insert a blu-ray movie in it, in "my computer", when i click on the drive icon a error comes saying that "windows cannot read the disc. it might be corrupted....". thus, i cant access the disc. I then used powerdvd software and it detected the blu-ray movie but during loading it says that vga card drivers are not compatible with blu-ray, error 0012. even while im using the latest drivers. my vga card is intel x3100. I wanted to ask whether this is normal in blu-ray that you cannot access the blu-ray disk in my computer or is there something wrong?

Also one more thing is that even if the disc is not accessible from My Computer, when i run anydvd software, it detects the movie and also can rip it to the hdd. therefore, the only way i can watch a blu-ray film is if i rip it first to my dd and then use vlc to run.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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