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So, I purchased an LG 32LH20 last year in October. It was between it and a Samsung, and they looked identical in stores, except the Samsung had ghosting while the LG did not. So I went with the LG. When I got it home that's one of the first things I tested-ghosting, and input lag. It had slight ghosting, which I was expecting, but nothing major. But over the past few months, the ghosting has gotten really bad. Things really smear. It's at the point where it hurts my eyes after a couple of hours, and I have it calibrated and a backlight setting of 30, so it's not that. I researched it here and I found out about the panel lottery. I'm pretty sure I do not have an S-IPS panel. I've seen a 47 inch LG with one, and it's easily the best LCDs I've used. And it has great viewing angles. My tv does not.

Also, when I was on vacation this summer, the TV in the hotel room was a 37lh20. I immediately noticed how much better the viewing angles were. Plus, there was no smearing and ugly ghosting like on my tv. And, I looked at the back. Inside at the top vent, on the panel, was a large LG sticker, meaning it was an LG S-IPS panel. The TV also had more inputs and USB support, which mine lack. If you look at the CNET review pictures, it has a USB and AV port on the side. That's something mine, and every one after a certain manufacture date, lack.

I can't access my service menu, and I can't see any stickers through the back. I also took a magnifying glass and, as far as I could tell, the pixels were square and didn't have that unique > pattern.

Sorry for the wall of text. Needless to say I don't have an IPS panel like I was promised. What can I do about this? Is it too late to return the TV? And, if it matters, the manufacture date is 9/09.
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