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My little HT

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Here is my home theater so far (waiting for the prices to drop on either blu-ray or HD-dvd).

Samsung 61" wide DLP 1080p (HL-S6167W)

Yamaha 840W 7.1-Ch. receiver (HTR-6090BL)

Front: Klipsch Synergy III 8" (F-3)

Center: Klipsch Synergy III 6-1/2" (S-3)

Presence: Klipsch Synergy III 4" (S-1)

Back Surround: Klipsch Synergy III 5-1/4" (S-2)

Back: Klipsch Synergy III 6-1/2" (F-1)

Subwoofer: Klipsch 10" 420W (SUB-10)

DVD Player: LG Progressive-Scan with HD Upconversion (DN191H)

Monster Power Home Theater Reference PowerCenter (MP HTS 1600)

Plus Dish network receiver

The tv and dvd player is hooked up thru HDMI cables while dish is S-video. For the speaker wires I went with Acoustic Research 18-Gauge.

I will post pics as soon as I post at least 4 more times here.

Thanks for looking and please dont say anything bad about my set up (Im happy with it
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Well I was happy until I looked at some of the other set ups here.
hey, that's nice stuff. don't worry, we can't all have $20k a piece speakers. you have nicer stuff than 95% of the population.

i've actually been looking at the same speakers. how are you liking them so far?

oh and for taking a screen shot, i would recommend a pitch black room, a tripod, and ditching the flash.
what's with the satellites on the floor...?
Nothing wrong with your setup. I'd be happy to have it but good god man get some speaker stands or mounts for those pretties on the floor. I'd imagine it would improve your sound greatly but I am no expert since I am here for help myself.
TXST8tj- I love them. I can crank the volume up and theres no distortion at all. It was pitch black when I took the pick (Its a new camera and Im still trying to figure the thing out).

ImDiesel- There my presence speakers

karener-Im planning on mounting them to the wall just behind the tv, along with the center speaker. I had everything pilled in the basement for about 2 weeks while I put in a new floor and I was in to big of a hurry to see how everything worked.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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