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Didn't know whether to post this in the Theater Construction Forum or here. since i'm just about done w/ the carpentry, decorating most of the issues i will have will be with the general picture so i'm posting here. hopefully some other new owner may benefit from my (mis)adventures.

eventually i'll post some pics which should explain things much better.

Previously on "MY LT150 DIARY":

had the projector since thurs and the room is coming together slowly, but surely.

Sunday 5/01

tonight i'm working on finishing the screen/curtains and finalizing plans for the seating arragements of the projector at various distances & heights.

what i want to do with the projector is use it in a constant height/ variable width set-up...just like a movie theater, where the curtains will open from the sides to expand the screen for widescreen movies, and close back in for smaller ratios. with the LT150's lack of zoom and restrictive throw distances, this will also entail physically moving the projector forward and higher to place the various screen ratios correctly.

switching from auto to native and from cinema to normal settings help a bit, but the big thing is to have finished pieces that can be swapped and mounted easily and consistently in the same position. the major piece is about a 6' wooden track that shoots out straight from the component rack. this can be pulled up when not in use and kept out of the way. or just leaned up against the side of the rack to keep it handy.

will take some trial and error, but i surely think its do-able.

Finishing the screen

i decide against hanging curtains on any kind of rod system, since that would entail getting the fabric sewn properly , buying rods and installing them, etc-just too much expense. instead i'm thinking of a simple track system using 2 screen wide pieces of 1x2"s, two long, narrow pieces of foam core, and some shorter pieces of black velvet.

the velvet is affixed to the foam core, and this piece will have a smaller piec of wood fixed at the top running horizontal. this is the piece that rests on the rail. the rail is simple the two long pieces screwed together, but leaving just enough space for the foam core to slip thru. of course the horizontal piece at the top prevents the panel from falling thru, but does make it easy to slide back and forth. the foam core also makes for a sharply defined screen edge and makes it easier to slide. using it for 1:33 aspects should work best as the cloth is being pulled taught. 1:85 may present a problem with some sagging (although the 10" wide foam core will help here).

anyway thats the theory. we'll see tonight how well it works.

Got to Home Depot too late to seriously look at the wood, but i picked up a cheap can of spray adhesive marked down to $2 from $8...YES!!! ( and Bob Wood thinks he's the Sultan of Cheap http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif ) , picked up some pink paint swatches...well see if these have any effect with the image, although they may be too small to get a good idea from.

also there i saw some clear plastic under-the-bed style hinged tubs, which got me thinking how well they could be modified to be a hush-box. i decided these particular ones wouldn't work so well since they were too wide and the benefit of the hinge would be useless once cut down. i saw some other tubs that may work much better, but will need to be trimmed for height. the question i have is, even with large panels cut out to vent the air, if the heat may cause too many problems- i.e. melt the plastic. if not, i think these clear tubs can be modified to work very well ( and look 1/2 decent besides).

i also picked up a copy of AVIA today and will probably cap the weekend off trying to correctly calibrate this thing one more time


ran into a few problems with these side panels. Gravity is with me on the skirts that mask off the top and bottom screen edges, but its against me on the sides. the velvet that isn't supported by being glued to the panel sags down considerabley, even when its extended out.

this is going to take some thinking.

i think i may have to glue down more panels...this time long and thin so it can bunch up accordian style when pushed back for 2:35 ...

was hoping to get as much done tonight as possible since i have people from out of state coming out here to work w/ me in a couple days. once they get here, i'll be tied up the whole month and won't get another chance to do anything with the theater until after Labor Day.

shame they won't get a chance to see it properly set up.

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monday 6/01

think i figured out how to acommodate placement of the projector at various heights/distances for FH/VW use.

i was thinking of track along the floor that would be scored at the various distances for 2.35. 1.85, etc and then use stands of various heights that fit on the track at each point.

i've given this up since

1) track is unwieldly

2) its overkill since moving the image back and forth isn't as critical or as difficult with a set-up like this.

the big problem here is height. the projector sits at very different heights off the floor to hit the screen bottom edge perfect.

2.35 is about 4" off the ground

1.85 is about 10" " "

1.66 is about 14" " "


i've decide the most (relativley)streamlined way is to buil a box that isn't square, but has a specific height, depth and width...all different. so that when place the pj for 1.85 for example, the box is 10" high, but 14" wide and 18-20+" deep.

then when i need a height for 1.33 movies, flip the box on its side where i will get 20+" height, 10" deep , and 14" wide.

additionally i can make a 4" palette for use in 2.35 movies, that can slip inside the box when not in use.

so basically, one box-no tracks. less lumber and hardware to put away when not in use.

as far as distance is concerned, i'll either use a cheat-sheet with measurements to the screen, and keep a tape measure handy, or i'll put small bits of tape on the floor at the proper distances. exactness doesn't matter as much here so it should work well enough.

spent the early morning going thru Avia & then played a few more movies and the calibrations for color seem to be adequete. i was tempted to make further adjustments a couple times as i went thru various movies, but i resisted. its not as bad as it was before where every other movie required the settings to be drastically altered.

watched about an hour of THE ROCK (i actually don't like this movie, but the images , with all those overused M Bay close-ups, were breath-taking!).

found a buyer for the rptv, so the ultra big screen is here to stay.

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finally got my sony HS10 out and its now residing in someone elses home in another state.

kind of amazing that it took 4 people to get it out of the basement and packed up and put in the back of a truck...and the biggest picture you can get out of it is only a 53" diagnol http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

freeing that space finally allowed me to reorganize my component rack and get my budget Kenwood HITB set back up.

Glad that i sprung for a 50' breakout cable, since this is going to give me plenty of flexability, should i change things around again.

had thought i would have been in Canada today, buying some pardigms to upgrade from the htib speakers, but you know what...?

after 36 hours of sitting mesmerized by this projector in total silence (except for the whine of the color wheel) my lowly little budget speakers sounded awful good.

yeah, they don't give as much the louder you crank them, but i think i may just save my money for a while and start to pay off some of my older bills first.

besides, anticipating an upgrade is half the fun...so i might as well drag it out as long as possible http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

i still haven't watched one movie all the way thru. i've bought so many dvd's in the last few weeks, i just want to make sure all the transfers look decent, so i usually spend all my time scanning thru them.

some things i've noticed the last few times i've used this projector:

1) screendoor is sometimes very noticeable to me, but is remarkably inconsistent. some movies i can never make it out, and some films display it quite frequently.

The Fifth Element, which i've heard almost everyone considers demo material, shows it very clearly in some scenes ( the blue diva for instance).

2) the rainbows are still confusing the hell out of me.

i put in Cutters Way, and immediately saw them and fairly frequently in the 4 or 5 chapters i skipped thru. but i can't figure out why. on paper, there didn't seem to be any 'reason' for them. contrast in general was pretty muted. there were plenty of other films where i fully expected to have to deal with them in certain scenes, and whatdoyouknow...nothing!

i'm am fairly convinced this has a greater deal to do with software and it's encoding, mastering, (possibly bit rate?) and maybe even to a certain extent, what lenses are used when the film is actually shot. how else can you explain why certain films and scenes are entirely rainbow free, when given the previously stated criteria (darks, lights, hi contrast areas etc) they should be riddled with them?

3) noticed some 'distortion' when there was a scene of panning amongst studio equipement in a scene from Phantom of the Paradise. that one panning shot looked very rough...almost herky-jerky, like the pj couldn't keep up with the shot, but it didn't bother me that much. the transfer was otherwise excellant and looked great pitched on the wall at that size. i haven't really noticed any other panning related problems, and definately haven't noticed any dithering.

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I decided to forego the idea of a fixed side to the image. Either you have to move the projector around or use an HTPC to control the location of the image with respect to the screen.

Instead, I will move the screen with respect to the image. You get fixed width, and adjust the height of the curtains on top and bottom. I much prefer fixed height, since this seems to me to better preserve the relative size of the image, whereas fixed width seems to make the wider aspect films look smaller rather than larger.

This is the best system I've seen:

I bought a screen far too large for my room (it was actually cheaper!), and will mask over what I don't need.

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