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MY mirage no sound so good

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I also posted this under receivers, but thought that it may be good here too....

I just watched the dark night on bluray. Now I have always prefered dts but no dice here, you get dolby true hd.Now the voice is a bit muffled on my center speaker(mirage center), I have the Onkyo 805. Audio via hdmi to my diamond mit dlp. I had to crank it way up to hear the voices, and several times my receiver would shut off from overload. Any ideas on how to remidy this. The overload and the muffled voices, maybe its my copy of dark night, it is bad?Anyway I have the audessy surround selected now that i did the audessy thing( took a year), it calculated +1.5, I am 15 feet from speaker, it put it at 70hz. I tried a few things including increasing just trebble or increasing to +6, after the overloads, i watched it on the standard dolby digital track, and it still overloaded the receiver. Now i have never experienced this before, including the hulk which i crank up, no voice problem, but that is dts i think. Is there a better setting?
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The onkyo 805 is a great reciever, how in the world does it overload, my sr606 doesnt overload and i listen on HIGH volume, dark knight with definitive towers is mind blowing..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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