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I was able to obtain a 42" "Display Monitor" that originally played pictures off an sd card. I found RGB markings on one of the circuit boards inside and connected my cable box RGB RCA component cables and WOW it worked. I have a HD DVR Cable box and I have to run all other devices (DVD Player) through the input RCA plugs on the cable box to make them work with this monitor. It "translates" the video signal. Nothing (DVD player/VCR etc) works by just plugging the three component video cables in directly to the monitor. Recently my cable company "upgraded" their software and the input RCA plugs were disabled. There is no way to input into the cable box except the RF cable. Can anyone explain what is different about these video signals and is there anything I can do to translate it. I have tried all the stores and on-line to see if anything will translate this signal. I even bought a DVR with a tuner that upconvert to 1080p HD RBG component out. Still nothing. The monitor says "out of range" Help, I can't watch DVD's anymore!!
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