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My music/hometheater system

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TV: Mitsubishi WS-55411

Preamp/Processor: Rotel RSP-1066

Power Amp: Rotel RMB-1065

CD: Rega Planet 2000

DVD: Panasonic DVP-32S

HD: Motorola DCT-5100 (Comcast service)

MD: Sony MDS-JB920

CDR: Philips CDR-600

TAPE: Sony

GAME: Sony PS2


FRONT: Vienna Acoustics Mozart

CENTER: Vienna Acoustics Maestro

REAR: Vienna Acoustics Haydn

SUB: Velodyne CT-120


MIT Terminator 2 Speaker cables

MIT Terminator 2 Interconnects

IXOS Digital Coax Interconnects

Wicked Cable component video cables

Monster Cable Gamelink component cable

Acoustic Research Subwoofer cable

Acoustic Research Optical Interconnects

Acoustic Research Interconnects

Radio Shack surge protectors

Radio Shack Tape Switch Box

Sennheiser HD-210 headphones

Acoustic Research speaker outlets

GeneralCable in-wall speaker cable

Ikea equipment racks, CD/DVD rack, and lighting

RadioShack Analog sound level meter

Sound and Vision Tune-Up DVD

Stereophile Test CD's 1-3
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Hi Bill_B4,

Looks like a great system...!!! I see you use Haydn's as surrounds. Any particular reason why you chose those? I've got the Beethoven as fronts and I am in the process of choosing the surrounds. I have not decided yet whether to choose Haydn's or Walz's...


I chose the Haydn because I felt they performed better on multi-channel hi-res musis as well as on movies. They're cheaper to boot!



Looking at some of the specs I find the following:

91 dB, 4 Ohms, 70 Hz for Walz.

89 dB, 6 Ohms, 42 Hz for Haydn.

91 db, 4 Ohms, 30 Hz for Beethoven

91 dB, 6 Ohms, 38 Hz for Maestro

The 42 Hz definetively is an advantage for Haydn's however the 89 dB is somewhat surprising.

I wonder how it would work to have the Maestro also as a surround speaker...?

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Never thought of using a Maestro as a surround. It does have the same layout as the Waltz plus a much deeper cabinet. It would seem like overkill to me at $1000-$1200 ea (At which price you could get a pair of Bachs or Mozarts).

If your goal is a surround speaker that can go deep and floor-standers are out of the question due to space, why not consider a sub-sat solution for the rear?

I've been more than happy using the Haydns in my relatively small room (15x20x8).

I did end up making custom shelves for them so I wouldn't have to drill into their beautiful cabinets.

Good luck with your setup! Let us know how you make out!

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