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Hey all,

So Santa came early in the form of a home theater for my multi-use bonus room. I went with:
  • Epson HC8350 projector
  • Onkyo HT-RC260 receiver
  • Polk Audio CS10 center
  • Polk Audio PSW10 sub
  • Polk Audio RC60i in-ceiling surround
  • My existing ACI Sapphire III DIY speakers for fronts

My goal was to have a usable, enjoyable system without breaking the bank good for movies, HD U-Verse watching, gaming on my 360 and PS3 -- including eventually hooking my electronic drums into Rock Band 3 if Mad Catz will ever get off their fat asses and ship the MIDI Pro adapter -- as well as hooking up a PC.

I went with a ceiling mount projector mount from eBay that actually worked out great. It's screwed directly into the ceiling joists and will be going nowhere.

For the screen I had initially bought some Da-Lite High Contrast Cinema Perf (because I was going to have in-wall speakers for fronts and centers) and I made a frame based on these great directions . Spent the weekend and last night on it, got it mounted, fired up a Bluray ready to bask in the glory... and got horrendous moire patterns off the screen. If I zoomed in enough they went away, but I wasn't about to live with it zoomed. Didn't help that it was noticeably less bright and clear than when it was projected onto my plain old painted drywall. Not good.

So I yanked the material off, rolled it back up (and posted it on Craigslist at a discount... mounted less than 45 minutes, quite sad), and put on some black-out cloth from RoseBrand. Once that was ironed and mounted I sat back... and got stunned. Sweet mama, that's what I'm talking about.

My screen is about 87x49 for roughly a 100" diagonal, throwing about 11 feet from the projector. I got some 6 mil pull-down blinds for the windows to help during the day and it's imminently usable now.

This was a pretty fun project. I learned a few things, including being careful when using an extension on your spade bit while drilling through the header in the attic preparing to fish HDMI and speaker cables. The next owner of the house will get a free spade bit if they can dig it out from behind the wall. That thing was thick. I've learned that I probably need to square up my miter saw and table saw before my next project involving precision cuts. And I've learned that projectors have come a long way since I last shopped for them

Color me happy.

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