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After reading about lots of happy customers here on AVSForum, my wife and I decided to take what I considered some risk in terms of buying a set of chairs without being able to sit on them or see them in person. We went to numerous furniture stores and sat on everything before deciding that the features that these chairs offered we just too good to pass up especially considering the number of people who were satisfied. We selected the Escape line because of the adjustable headrest, the controls on the cup holder, and the size. Our media room is very narrow and we needed a chair design that would accommodate 4 chairs in the limited 11 foot space.

We ordered the chairs on a Saturday, and they arrived the following Friday. I consider this lightning fast compared to some other furniture we've ordered. They came on a pallet and the delivery driver put them right into my garage.

One surprise happened right as I looked at the box. The box advertises that the chairs have a USB port in the armrest - a very pleasant surprise as that isn't mentioned on the web site. They work great to charge the Xbox controller.

I unpacked them and moved them upstairs one at a time. The individual chair bases are heavy and it took two of us to get them up there. Once everything was up, we assembled them. It was overall pretty easy, although I would have liked to see more comprehensive instructions I think we figured everything out. The back zips to the base as you slide it onto the supports. The power cords are zip tied up so that had to be clipped, and finally the back of the base gets stretched to the base support and attaches with Velcro. For those who have them - did I miss anything?

I was a little surprised the chairs didn't daisy chain together for power as I saw several models that did this. It wasn't a big deal to plug them individually into a power strip. There does seem to be a low voltage power connector spot unused on the base of each chair but I didn't see any way to connect them. Again, did I miss something?

The quality of the leather, the fit and finish of the chair, and the electrical operation is all perfect. I'm happy with the finished product. We ordered the extra armrest for the love seat and it works great. I also like the metal tray tables lined with rubber bumpers.

I don't want the chairs to get too close to the back wall. How do most people keep them from moving around on carpet? I was thinking of maybe a couple of 2x4s between the base and the wall of each chair?

The cup holder cooling unit is an interesting feature but my kids have already left it running for hours. It didn't help that they also left nearly empty cups in there which dripped condensation down into the holder. I'm worried these will fail if left on too long or if they get too much water on them. I was thinking of putting the chairs on an RF-controlled INSTEON outlet that would allow me to shut down the chair power from the remote when the media room is powered down. Does anybody else do this? Is it smart?

Thanks, overall you can tell I'm pretty happy with these chairs after the first weekend. I hope they hold up!


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a few things:

1. The chairs are also Buttkicker Ready - the BK plate and kinetic rubber isolators are factory preinstalled, and you can easily install mini or advanced BK4-4 buttkickers when / if you decide to add them at later point (not advertised on our website yet either). We even provide bolts and nuts for that.

2. Because of the rubber isolators even if you put the chairs on the hardwood floor or tile they should not move much. The chairs are quite heavy as you already noticed, and should not move while reclining. I do not believe you need to attach them together, but if you really want to you can use long wire ties and tie the metal frames together under the chairs (again not necessary if you ask me).

3. The cooler fan has 4 hour shutoff, so I would not worry about it much. The cup holder is also fully sealed, so if any water condensation occurs, just wipe it out.
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