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yes, I'm a newbie in this section of the forum, and respectfully salute everybody here. :)

After many problems and a lot of money and time spent, I was able to re-build all the HT environment.


(I've posted more than a dozen images on the related section of the forum, too)

my new configuration is directed toward the direction of no-compromise audio perfermance, for this reason I've spent a lot of money in this direction.

In the near future I will approach a couple of mono VTL 225W tube amplifiers (or Sonic Frontiers equivalent amplifiers) and an high-end CD and SA-CD reader, that will manage in the best manner the pure-audio section of my environment...

for now, I can only say that, after have spent a huge amount of money (at least for me!!) I've reached my dreams... my room offers a great video section and absolutely incredible audio performances (in terms of quality and pressure level)...


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