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I got sick of moving my laptop from my desk to my TV so i decided to get a desktop computer to plug into my TV. This might be overkill for an HTPC but I love technology and gadgets and I read some reviews on the new i7 920 and decided to get the Studio XPS when i found out i could get it for only $730 from dell outlet. I have some concerns that it could be a little loud so i might have to tinker with it a little bit. I also have concerns about the power supply, I want to upgrade the video card to maybe the ATI 4850 and maybe add an addition HD to get raid 0, but this might require a more powerful PSU. After buying this i also realized that i won't be able to O/C from reading some forums out there it sounds like you can't really overclock a dell.

What should I add to make this a better HTPC?

Intel Core i7-920 Processor 2.66GHz

Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium

256MB ATI Radeon HD 3650

6 GB Tri-Channel DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz (6 DIMMs)

640 GB SATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM)

16X DVD +/- RW w/dbl layer write capability

McAfee Security Center 15-months

1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty

Unit Price: + $819.00

20% coupon: - $163.80

Subtotal: $655.20

Tax: + $45.84

Shipping and Handling: + $29.99

Total: $731.00

Had to order an HDMI adapter and Blu-ray player - $95

btw i found the coupon here: http://twitter.com/delloutlet

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Well, other than the price (which is good), I wouldn't want that case in my lounge. It's too glossy and the form factor is wrong for an HTPC. The CPU is overkill, dump 2-4GB of the RAM (unnecessary), GPU is fine, lose the McAfee tools, keep the 640GB disk for recordings and add a second smaller 80GB for the O/S. Add a BD-ROM drive, VFD and get a twin TV tuner. You'll also need an IR receiver and remote control (MS one is still the best), then go to work on the software.

If you're seriously planning to use this as a permanent HTPC, you'll need to make some changes (in my opinion!)
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