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Hey everyone I now have my laser disc player setup with a projector and the image is much better than on my tv. Before I had a Mitsubishi diamond series 65" HD tv setup to display the image for my Pioneer DVL-919 laser disc player. The image was nice but I haven't always been totally happy with it. To me something just didn't look right. I have always wanted to connect my laser disc player to a projector and see how it looks. I got a nice NEC 9PG plus CRT projector to use but haven't been able to figure out how to get it totally setup yet. More on that one later on. Anyway in the meantime I wanted to get a nice, but cheaper for now, digital projector to use for movie watching instead of the Mitsubishi tv I have. I settled on a BenQ MS513 projector because it has a rating of 2700 lumen and has the capability of running 3D if I wanted. At fist I had everything running through my Pioneer AHK-1019 a/v receiver that has full 1.4 HDMI capability. For watching DVDs or Blu-Rays the projectors did a wonderful job. I could not be happier with it. I still need to tweak the colors some but still it image is great. Now on the laser disc player the image was weird. I have the composite out of the laser disc player going into the a/v receiver and the output is HDMI going to the projector. The colors were very weird from first time out and even when I tried t adjust everything. I must of had a brain fart because I forgot that the composite output would look best with a composite input and not being up converted through HDMI. Anyway I ran a heavy composite cable directly from the laser disc player to the projector. From the first movie I ran through it it was amazing. The image clarity was awesome and the colors all seem to be spot on without any adjusting. I am super excited now because the laser disc image is so much better than when watching it on the Mitsubishi tv. The best part is now when watching a movie in scope format it is a bigger more enjoyable image to see! Currently the image is set at 100" but I think we are going to settle on a 120" screen since we want it just a bit bigger :) I would be happy to post some before and after images of how the projector images look with HDMI versus Composite when playing laser disc movies.


Paul Kepner
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