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Here is some information I think will prove useful. I did an

extensive search for this set at a good price over the last few

weeks and considered all the issues - authorized dealer vs. internet

dealer, extended warranty, will Pioneer cover the warranty during

the first two years if I purchase from a nonauthorized dealer, how

will 4:3 material look on a 16:9 set, etc. etc. I had a Sony 4:3

high def ready 53XBR300 that I sold.

Do NOT believe internet companies or mail order places that tell you

they are an authorized dealer without verifying it yourself. The

company I purchased from is listed on the Pioneerelectronics site.

If the company you contact insists they are an authorized dealer,

and they are not listed CALL PIONEER directly.

Generally speaking - Do not buy from a nonauthorized dealer - during

the first 2 years if you need a repair it is likely Pioneer will not

cover it. It's a risk you have to take if you purchase mail


I found out that it IS possible to get a very good deal, from an

authorized dealer, at LESS than the price most authorized dealers

will quote you. Tweeter will sell you this set at $7399 but can be

bargained down to $7200 will little difficulty. You can find

authorized dealers who are reputable bricks and mortor companies who

will sell this set for $6000. I purchased from one of them. I

suggest this strategy: go to pioneerelectronics.com and call the

authorized dealers and start barganing from the price the internet

companies quote you - such as $5799.

I don't really like any of the stretch modes but cinema wide is

best - least stretching but it does cut off the top and bottom

slightly. Regular 4:3 mode with gray bars gives the best and

sharpest 4:3 picture. All the stretch modes are not as sharp. Of

course, the concern is burn in with the gray bars, although some

have said it is not that much a concern as long as you don't leave

the set on continuously in that mode. Most people like "natural

wide" but it is too distorted and soft of an image for my tastes.

The convergence on the set was very good, but you still must do the

72 point convergence for all inputs and modes you use - it does

improve the picture. The Sony set I had also had the same 72 point

system and was much more difficult to work with. Clearly, the

Pioneer's electronics are better from this experience.

Hidef images (509, HDNET, local stations) are excellent but I think

no more sharp than those I saw on my Sony - a surprise to me - but I think due to the size of the screen. The larger the screen size the less sharp a picture will be no matter how good the electronics.

Keep that in mind.

Did an AVIA calibration:

My settings:

Contrast -11

Black level 0 or 1

Sharpness -25 only one click from the lowest value of -26

Color -1

Tint -12

Am very interested in other's calibration numbers.

Overall, it's a beautiful piece of furniture and a great set. The

colors are very deep and vibrant. With DVD or highdef images it's

hard to keep your eyes off the set.

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can you please post what store, city and state you did your side by side comparison in the other post as you stated? I want to call them and ask how they calibrated their sets as you described. If you calibrate your new set after a break in period (100 hours), I am sure that it will look better than the Sony.
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