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First of all, thanks to AVS Forum for giving me a chance to be one of the winners of the "List Your Gear to Win Some Gear" contest!

As the 2nd Place winner i just receiving the Pioneer SP-PK52FS Andrew Jones speaker package. it arrived the other day in five rather large boxes. Four of them were in good condition. One of the tower boxes looked like it had been kicked around a bit. So that was the first one I opened ... phew no damage to the tower.

I decided to try out the two towers and the center with my current subwoofer (SB12-NDS). The first thing I noticed is how large the center speaker is. It doesn't fit on my stand without making some sort of platform to raise up the TV. So for now it is on the floor. My first impressions of these speakers is that they seem very well built. Having said that they just don't look real exciting . I finally figured out why they don't look exciting. It's the grills. The material seems to look more black/brown than true black. The wife and i are more partial to a piano black finish so I'm sure that doesn't help.

All that said they do sound good. The first 10 minutes they were playing I really did not think I would like them. Two days later they really started to sound good. I never believed in a break in period until now. If you get these speakers give them at least 16 hours of play time before you judge them. The towers really fill the room. The center seems great on movies a bit weak on some voices. Overall great speakers in this price range.

I have not had a chance to try the book shelf speakers yet.

More to come...

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There is no question that the speaker surrounds of conventional drivers are initially stiff and need some break-in.

A number of the major driver manufacturers that supply many of the speaker companies say that their products need 50-100 hours for full break-in.

It does vary a lot depending on the design and composition of the driver surround.

An excellent speaker that might fit your setup better is the Cambridge S50 center speaker.
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