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First off - thanks to all the great threads on AVS forum that I have been reading forever as I decided what TV would replace my old Sony 32" XBR tube set. I credit this site for 80% of why I pulled the trigger on a plasma instead of the Samsung 8500 LCD.

My sad story -

I ordered my TC-P54G10 on Jan 28th, due to snow in NC it wasn't delivered until Feb 4th, my wall mount didn't arrive until the 10th, and then I didn't have a chance to install it until the 12th... It was worth the wait, because when it finally was turned on, it was awesome.

That afternoon I set up my new Onkyo 807 to pair with the new TV, and everything was set for watching the opening night of the Olympics.

But then, oh noes! After a few hours of watching the Olympics, the screen turned off, and I couldn't get it back on. It was late, so I went to bed. The next morning, it still wouldn't come on. I unplugged and plugged in the power and suddenly everything worked fine! Hooray! Until a couple hours later when it went off again. Repeat troubleshooting, repeat results, but with only a few minutes of life. I had to leave town for a work trip, but when I arrived back home on Friday my wife said the TV hadn't worked for her all week. I couldn't get it back to life.

Symptoms are flashing power lights and no image when I try to turn it on. Sometimes 5 flashes and then pause, sometimes 7, sometimes 1, sometimes 12, no other difference. I called Panasonic, they said they will send a tech out on Wednesday. That leaves me with 2 days of Olympic coverage? boo! At least the Masters is coming up soon to bring me HD beauty.

I have read a few threads here as well as googled and found that this is likely a power supply issue, as seems pretty obvious. I'm really not upset about being the unlucky one who happened to get a bad unit from a usually high-quality manufacturer, but I am a bit worried about the lead time until I have a working tv...

Since it is only a few days old, should I push for a replacement vs. a repair? How have others' experiences been with repaired TVs? Should I expect this to be fixed on Wednesday or will it be a "looks like your tv's broke, I'll have to order a part and call you in a month" type of thing?


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