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My Old man is looking for new Small Speakers. looking at Mirage V2

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My Dad is looking at the Mirage Omnisat v2.. that is his price range about 250 a speaker.. may be up to 400..

He also will need a sub.

His current system is as follows ..

Sony XBr3 46"

Yamaha Rx2700

sony Blu Bd sp1

and some old ass bose.. which are going away..

he likes the sound of the mirage omni sat v2, but asked me to ask you guys if you new something better the speakers will be wall mounted, Mom does not want them as eye sores (not sure what is worse the mom factor or wife)..

If you have some in your system pics would be great..

Thank you

The spa

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I dont know anything about the mirage speakers, but i am looking for a set of small speakers also.

I have been checing out orb audios


Small 4" orbs, i think they weigh like 17 ozs..

This is what I am considering. I wanted the Bose (becuase they are small- But have been pointed to these.)

I will check out the mirage...
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I have a complete Omnisat v2 system (4 sats, 2 floorstanders and the center, along with a Mirage S12 sub).

I've only used the sats as surrounds, so I can't say how they sound as mains.

But I'm very happy with them as surrounds. Based on reviews I read before purchase, I'd say he'll like them.

But, buy from a dealer that has a good return policy like Crutchfield or Vann's, just in case.

Also, Vann's still has the Mirage S12 sub at $499. Original price was $800.

Great sub.
How is VAnns return policy..
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