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Well this will be just my two cents and what I went through to get my 503cmx.

Ok like another post here I ordered my 503cmx online with http://www.pcvideoonline.com after I was sent a confermation number of my order and the total, $187 dollars for shipping I and blah blah blah for the plasma I later then recieved an email stating please call this 800 number to compleete your order! huh? I did complete my order I have a conformation order already! ok so I call, and I get imediately transfered to a sales man, not an operator to complete my order but a sales man to tell me about the service plan they have, I politely decline and let him know that my credit card will take care of service. He asks about the card and if I want it for my 503, I tell him he doesn't have the HDCP one that I want and politely decline. He then tells me that my shipping will now be adjusted to $415.00 instead of the 187 I was confirmed for! I canceal my order and go looking else where.

I then call Electronics-depot.com and place my order, I get a person imediately all three times I called, and when he/we had a problem with my credit card company thinking fraud for the high dollar item, he gets it fixed imediately, now to top it off he would of had it deliverd in two buisness days all for 199!

Recieved my plasma, not straped down :( and no sensor for tilt:( :( so I test it out before it leaves the truck. Powers up fine. Now using it to post this message, not a single dead pixel.

So the company was great and fast, but the trucking company scared me.

if you want to read my first impressions of my set vs my rear projo HD then read the post (My 503 arives tomorow, I only have vga out on pc is...... )

I'm currently running 1376X774 res and it looks FANTASTIC, best resolution I have found yet to run the computer graphics at.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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