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My projector just died!!

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A loud pop occured when I turned on the power switch to my projector. It is almost 2 yrs old but I did not have many hrs on the lamp (well under 1000 for a lamp rated 2000 hrs). If the lamp failed, should it look burned out? Upon removing the lamp it looks ok. My pj will not power on at all now. The manual states that if the lamp fails then the pj will shut down.

Is this normal for a failed lamp or do I have bigger problems?

The superbowl party is on for Sunday so I have to move quickly!

Thanks for any input.

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Well if you heard a pop than chances are that your lamp burn't out. Otherwise some circuit in your projector might have shorted and its finished lol, chances of that are extremly low, so it sounds like you'll have to get a new lamp.

The only good news is that I am still under a full 3 yr warranty if this is not lamp related.

I'll call tech support in the morning.

I called projector people (where I purchased my pj) and Optoma (the manufacturer). Both tech support departments are extremely responsive. They think the power supply blew out. I therefore overnighted the pj to Optoma to arrive tomorrow morning. They hope to repair it and have it back to me before Superbowl Sunday! If not, they may issue me a loaner.

Anyone considering using these companies should do so with confidence.

The work is still under the 3 yr warranty.

I have my fingers crossed.

let us know how it turnes out.

hopefully you'll get it back before the game.
I checked the UPS tracking web site. The pj arrived at Optoma at 9:30 am California time. I will call them tomorrow to see if they can fix it.

Rob, hang in there and good luck.
Optoma stated that they fixed the power supply today. They performed a 4hr burn in test. They missed the deadline to ship today but they stated that they would overnight the pj tomorrow to arrive at my home friday am.

Superbowl looks promising!!

Its Friday and my wife called stating my pj returned home from its repair trip to the Optoma facility in California. Very efficient service. Before I praise Optoma any further, let me get home tonight and see how it performs. Hopefully I'm ready for the Superbowl party on Sunday.

Did they say what might have caused the blowout?
I had a power supply fail in an epson projector. I have had it for several years and it was plugged in to the electric outlet most of the time.

I noticed that the case is warm to the touch when the projector is in the stand-by mode. I wonder if the heat build up in standby, without the fan on, caused a shortened life? On the replaced power supply I noticed a darkened area in a plastic sheet near the electronic components (capacitors?).

In a press release for the latest Infocus projectors they hype on instant on feature, stating that many users might otherwise think that the projector is not working when they press the on button. It appears they designed some type of screen display to appear instantly rather than wait for a short period for the input to display.

In an effort to display input as soon as possible on my epson and perhaps yours as well, I wonder if they increased the standby mode power to a point where a heat problem was created.

Since the replacement of the power supply I plug in the projector cord to the wall outlet only when I am going to use it.

Perhaps over-cautious but does it do any harm?

Power supply in the Epson was made by Sony. Replacement: $380.

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