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My Sam TXN Burst into Flames!!!

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Well, not exactly. More like "i only get black and white when i send a composite video signal to my 2745fp" rather than "it actually melted."

I actually just composed a fairly pleasant, yet witty post, but somehow lost it all, so this one won't be nearly as verbose. Sorry to make a less-majestic first impression upon the sages of the a/v realm.

In Brief:

I am switching my component video inputs (xbox, dvd) through an Onkyo sr501 - no problems. It obviously can't upconvert composite to s-video, let alone component, so I hooked an old console (Nintendo 64) up to the side input on txn2745fp. Result - black and white image resembling that of the luminance portion of a component signal.


Has anyone encountered this before? I know that jrhunke had at least his vcr hooked up via rcas, so:

jrhunke, did you have to change any settings (or reverse any of the service menu options that we've all enabled) to get your vcr to work?

If none of you know of any specific experiences and/or similar peculiarities, i ask that you please not rack your brain trying to figure it out - i don't even watch tv on this set, so i can more than live without composites.

Sorry to be less enthused this time around (as if anyone read my intended post aside from myself).

Due to a lack of sleep and nourishment, i apologize if this post was unbearably incoherent.

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this, and, Alan, I apologize for using the 'hit-troll' method of titling my thread.

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Make sure you didn't turn on the 3D Comb Filter in the Options section of the Service Menu.

That'll cause the S-Video and Composite Video inputs to display only black and white.

Many thanks, Dark.
Knowledge from experience.

I did the same thing when I told my friend I'd calibrate his brand-new Sammy 27"

He almost killed me, thinking I ruined his set.

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