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My samsung plasma has a contrast setting at 85/100! Too high?

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I have a Samsung plasma PN42B450.

I calibed it with Avia 2 using component cables.

With the cell light at 10, on movie mode, the contrast is now at 85/100.

Contrast has always been a witch for me to adjust. The damn thing is very difficult to set.

Anyway, is it too high, risk of damaging my preciousssssss plasma tv?
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not on samsungs. The 100 likely won't clip the image. The danger settings are in the service menu. 85 is fine ... 100 works too so long as it meets the three rules for setting contrast.

No clipping, no discoloration, no eye fatigue.

The master contrast is in the SM ... it has a range of 0 to something really high. It this giant range ... plop the user contrast in and the 100 on the user side is really no more than 50% of the way on the sm side. User contrast is merely a subset of the main contrast. Elementary school math stuff.

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