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I buy a Sarotech DVP-570HD and 750GB HDD from EBAY.

Assm then and format to NTFS.

In original firmwave (1.04-Korea and English), I can see all the files on 750GB HDD and use.

※media source--->HDD---> Success HDD mount

But the HDD will fail if I put new firmwave version 1.12(ertour) into saro_sys and reboot.

※media source--->HDD---> Fail HDD mount

I can't see anything in 750GB HDD.

But the system information about Firmware Version will show to 1.12 (Chinese-T and English)

I thing......the HDD can be read, so the system still can read 1.12 Firmware in HDD.

There are something wrong on file system, the 570HD can read saro_sys/ertour

But can't read another files on 750GB HDD

It will become normal(1.04) after I remove the saro_sys and reboot 570HD.

I ask Anne several time, She very kindly tell me

1.You can find ※media source§ from main menu.,Please make sure that abigs HDD is selected.

2.Please make sure that the HDD inside abigs is formatted with primary partition.

and mail to me the test firmwave version 1.14.

But 1.14 still the same on my 570HD.

Should I also put /update/abigs.bin in to my HDD and push update firmwave on TV?

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