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Now that I have settled for an a 650, I now see that this second A650 has considerable flashlighting and the corners are dark. I can't remember the 1st set being nearly this bad or that anyone would live with it.

From my other thread. Sorry to post whore
This new set has introduced even more issues. I sat down with my wife to watch Dark Knight and was embarrassed. We are sitting there and I see the flashlighting and the screen is non-uniform. My wife says "why does it look like that?". If she saw it, it's bad. So I have not calibrated yet but I had Backlight on 2, Brightness on 45 in Movie mode with all the other illusion settings off. Then I realized that it looks like I am looking through a periscope. In some scenes, the corners were much darker than the rest of the picture. I am even thinking I got the purple haze because there are times that purple seems to go way over the top. Ill evaluate the set more in the daylight. At this point, I'm not sure how I wouldn't be a little upset with this set. It's not for lack of trying to accept this set with is failures.
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