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My Setup

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Hey guys. I just purchased a Sony 52" XBR5 LCD. I am pretty new to the scene, i'm not sure what variables i need to consider when it comes to audio/dvd setup.

Someone recommended to me the following components:

Onkyo THX Ultra2 7.1 Channel Home Theater Black Receiver - TXSR805B

Definitive Technology Black ProCinema 600 Home Theater Speaker System - PROCIN600BK

And, uncertain about Blu Ray, either PS3 or something like the Sony BDPS500

I am not sure what variables i'm supposed to consider here. I want to maximize my TV for sure. I'd like very good quality sound as well, i don't want to replace it in near future. I've briefly read about different connection methods and what not.. but i am not sure if the parts i'm getting make optimial use of what is provided, and if they aren't outdated or about to be outdated tech wise.
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The Onkyo 805 seems like a lot more receiver than the Procinema 600 speaker system. The XBR5 is a high end set. The Onkyo 805 is an excellent mid-range AVR. Those speakers are not in the same class. Speakers are critical to good sound, more so than the receiver, in my opinion.

If you have a halfway decent AV shop (not a big box store) where you can listen to various speaker/receiver combos, take a field trip. I ended up doubling my speaker budget to get the sound I wanted. I started out considering Procinemas and Mythos Gems and ended up with Def Tech Mythos 4 fronts and a Mythos 3 center. If movies are your primary concern, I suggest you take along a copy of Master and Commander. The opening battle scene is a great speaker test. You should be able to hear the dialog clearly in the midst of the explosions and effects.

There are lots of good receivers in the 805 price range. These days, it pays to get an AVR that processes audio over HDMI. If I were buying today, I'd make sure to get one with HDMI 1.3 and decoders for the TrueHD and dts-MA lossless audio codecs. The Onkyo fits the bill on all those counts. Those features ensure that you can get the best audio from whatever Blu-ray player you decide to get. And you'll have a unit that won't be out-dated any time soon.
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I'm curious what you ended up doing. This is exact set up I'm considering right now myself.

Also, considering the price of blue ray players, i'm just thinking of getting a PS3.
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