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For me it started in College. I had started building my stereo system in High School (a 70 watt integrated amp and some home built speakers and a Teac tape deck). Once I got to college, I got a cheap TV (19" something or other) and opened it up redirecting the internal speaker wires to two RCA ouputs that I screwed to the back of the TV!

Not long afterwards I bought a VCR and hooked that up to my stereo system and I was in heaven. :D

14 years later and I still have those speakers (replaced a couple of tweeters and a midrange or two, but those 12" PileDrivers still kick pretty good on my Denon 3300-AVR). Of course I've filled out the rest of my system with some Bose speakers for center channel and surrounds as well as two ReplayTVs, two RCA DirectTV receivers, a Toshiba DVD player, Sony 200 Disk changer, PowerMac 6100/AV (for MP3- painted black to fit in the stereo cabinet), Pioneer LD, a Apple Set top box (beta unit, not hooked up but it looks real cool!) and I upgraded my TV to a Toshiba 56" Widescreen...

TV/speaker setup

Now that I'm buying a new house with a HT room, its time for a FP, 106" screen and some Monitor Audio speakers!



Oops, I was supposed to be replying to the How did you get the Home Theater bug? and accidently created my own... :(
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