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Video of sub playing 10-20hz test tone.

Heres the sub specs.

Im guessing this is what distortion sounds like. Audyssey set it at +3 and I have the sub volume in the middle. Should I put the volume down, or should I leave it as is?

Is it harming the sub?

Im recieving a new sub on monday(lava lSP12) and Ill be testing it with the same test tones. I just wanna know how Im actually suppose to set it and what Im supposed to be hearing(or not hearing)

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You're not hearing 10-20Hz, as that sub will not reproduce those frequencies well enough to hear them, and besides that, unless those frequencies are at extremely high levels, you can't hear them anyway. What you're hearing is flutter noise, basically the wind created by the movement of the cone and the air mass within the port. It certainly isn't doing the sub any good putting frequencies through it that it can't reproduce. Better sub amps have high-pass filters built in to prevent that.
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