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I believe that the most important item of a well set-up system is the space itself. The space, which can be a dedicated one, a main house-one, but well converted to an entertainment space, or generally a living room, which needs a lot of compromises.

Well, I am now in the process of building a dedicated one. The space HAS to fulfil both requirements: Home Theater AND Music, and not necessarily at that order. This is the most important and perhaps the most expensive of all of my components. The space will have a two-level floor, insulated walls and a ridgit construction. Approx. dimensions (in metres, I am in Europe after all): 9 m long x 5 m wide by 2.75 m (one half) high and 2.50 m (the other half) high.


Projector : NEC 3 x 8" CRT, model XG135LC

Line Doubler: Vigatec DUNE with SDI input

Main A/V Amplifier: Denon AVC-1SE (upgraded with the latest Denon board), equivalent to the Denon AVR-5803 for the American Market

Front main Power Amplifier: Hafler XL-600, upgraded with PA-3B kit and two Toroidal Transformers, both from Musical Concepts

Rear main Power Amplifier: Still between Anthem MCA-2 or Hafler 9500 TransNova.

Front L/R Speakers: Mirage M3-si

Rear L/R Speakers: Mirage M5-si

Front/Rear Center Speakers: Mirage OM-C2

Subwoofer: Mirage BPSS-210

DVD-Audio/Video Player: Denon DVD-3300, Region-Free, with SDI output

LD Player: Pioneer LD-2950, with AC-3 coaxial output

VCR 1: In a few days perhaps the JVC HM-DR30000U, HD, D-VHS one


VCR 3: JVC DV-S1, miniDV/S-VHS combination, PAL


Main Stereo Preamp: Classè CP-50

Analog Front End: VPI 19HW-Jr, Alphason Xenon, Monster Genesis 2000 MC cartridge, and in a few days DACT CT100, Battery Powered phono stage

FM/AM/LW Tuner: Luxman T-117L

DAT recorder: AIWA XD-S1100

CD Recorder: Marantz DR-700, consumer, upgraded

External ADC: M-AUDIO/Midiman Flying Calf, 24-bit

External DAC: M-AUDIO/Midiman SuperDAC, 24-bit/96-kHz

Jitter Reduction: Audio Alchemy DTI Pro-32, upgraded

Cassettte Recorders: Nakamichi Deck 2, Kenwood KX-9050S

Sattelite Receivers: Panasat 720S, Micronic 1320S with DVR 20GB

TV Set: SONY KV-ES38 4:3 Direct View 100Hz, 38"

Auxiliaries: KRAMER VS-1202S Matrix Switcher, KRAMER VS-11EIV PAL and NTSC Video Processors, VPI-16W Record Cleaner, TrippLite Line Line Conditioners, HAVE-Canare and MIT cables

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