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My TH-42PD25U off to the repair shop

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MY TH-42PD25U three week old plasma had to be taken to the repair shop. The analog inputs stop working (SD Tv, S Video, Composite, Picture card)Audio was working. PIP analog tv was working with OTA HD picture.

The repair guy said that they have had some of these tvs in with similiar problems.

Anyone out there had a problem like this?:mad:
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This is the first I've heard. I've had mine less than two weeks and only used the component inputs once. Perhaps I should give them all a good run through. Why not just exchange the set rather than repair?
I purchased the plasma through an ebay store online. They said after 14 days you have to contact the local repair shops. The plasma was new and worked fine until this weekend. I saved some$$$ ordering online but, shipping was slow. It said on the back that it was manufactured in April how about yours?
Oh well, the Component/RGB input on my (sold) Industrial TH-37PWD6UY Display quit working. I get "No Signal" every time I select that input.

It worked flawless for about 8 months. :( :( :(
How do you have your DVD hooked up to your tv?

Better now when it is still under warrenty. I miss my HD TV already. It will be at least 5-10 working days
The VGA input on the Industrial Models also works as Component.

The "funny" thing is that, I sold the Display a month ago to a friend and everytime I try to ship it to His house in Brazil something happens.

My poor PWD6UY doesn't want to leave me. http://mindscraps.com/s/contrib/sarg...Heart_anim.gif :D


Sounds like you are getting a real nice tv soon(TH-50PHD7U)

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