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This is my almost done, ever so changing theater/living room!

HTPC Specs: - Built over a couple of months upgrading parts to swap out to a computer i built for the bedroom


i5 2500k overclocked at 4.1ghz @35Celsius

XFX 6890 because i like gaming too and it bitstreams dts and dolby to through hdmi to Pioneer 1021

Ceton infini4 cablecard tuner through Charter Cable - absolutely awesome

120gb OCZ vertex 2 SSD - single best upgrade i did!

8tb of networked data storage on Office computer

LG BluRay Drive

Antec Fusion case with IMON Display

Running XBMC for all movie and music needs, all scrapped correctly - about 480 bluray movies and 16000 songs mostly in FLAC ripped

Hyperspin for all retro gaming needs plus - a real SOB to set up

Dolphin Wii emulator with Wiimotes trough bluetooth

Voice controled with Marshall Conference room mic through voxcommando and using a usb-uirt to blast infared signal to tv and receiver

2 logitech F-710 for hyperspin and all other games

Creative X-Fi Titanium external usb for recording vinyl

Audio Setup:

Polk CS1 center channel

Polk Monitor 60 series fronts

Polk Monitor 40 series rears

Polk Monitor 30 series front highs

PSW10 front Sub

PSW505 rear sub

Wall plates throughout to clean it up

Custom built by me speaker shelves for rears

Pioneer 1021-k Receiver - not the best but impresses me

Technics 1210mkII with Grado black cartridge and upgraded cables

Just started my vinyl collection but containes AC/DC to ZZtop about 50 albums so far

TV - Samsung 50" plasma 1080p - first thing that started all this really i bought about 3 years ago

Logitech Harmony 510 remote - Cost 35 dollars and still does macros and custom labeling on screen

PS3 for gaming needs like BF3 and also move it into the office to use my custom built g25 racing console and GT5:D also use the console for rfactor

Custom built by me entertainment center with custom cooling 200mm behind and 2-120mm fans underneath receiver (We Really crank it LOUDDDDD) and 200 mm behind HTPC with switch

behind center to turn on and off-run by a old computer power supply.

My setup is by no mean audiophile quality or THX certified but man this [email protected]#cker rocks all night and all day and by building most of the stuff myself, by having a masters degree in GooGle ( I used the search engine ALOT) i am very proud of my setup and wanted to know what ya'll think.

Future Upgrades:

Polk Monitor 70's for front and 60's moved to side

Emotiva 5ch amp for all speakers but that also involves upgrading my receiver

Projector - would like Optoma HD33

Build my own tube amp for stereo listening and cranking the les paul

Git rid of my girlfriends cat so the cat hair dont get all over my stuff - or get rid of girlfriend which ever comes first
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