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Got mine done today. I was in on the PB and went from 109 to 214. I had emailed Debbie my two closest Samsung dealers and she promptly sent one of them the upgrade board. About a week later I hadn't heard anything so I emailed her and she told me who she had sent to the board to. I called that dealer who told me he had received a part from Samsung that he had not ordered. I then filled him in on the details and sent him the instructions how he should perform the upgrade and how much he should charge me. He didn't sound pleased that I knew all about this and he knew nothing. When he arrived I guess I was trying to be a bit to helpful as he told me to 'just sit down and relax'. The actual upgrade took about 40 minutes and he followed the instructions exactly as printed. The upgrade was uneventful except when he turned it on there were some red sparkles all over the picture. This turned out to be a loose cable on DVI output of my 160 STB. Once fixed the picture came on perfectly.

He charged me $200 and his shop is 9 miles away.

My initial impressions are quite positive. I"ve done no tweaking.

HD picture is outstanding.

SD picture seems brighter overall.

SD banding is less

SD overall picture quality is a bit better.(TIVO)

HD and SD Blacks are blacker and detail is a bit better

Gamma out of the box is set to 4.

Overall initial impressions are favorable.

I hope you all get yours soon.

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