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Got my attention there.

Can you now elaborate on how it works?

You seem to be able to do pretty much anything one would like, but I'm interested by the detailed architecture:

- what hardware do you use (Global Cache....)

- how do you create the panels (on the iphone or on a computer)

- how do you integrate with itunes (or other software Winamp...)

Do you sell this stuff? For how much...

ok, you get the idea. I like the trailer and want to watch the movie now.



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This is a very different approach than the other options being talked about on the forum. This approach has the greatest flexibility but is more expensive, more complex, more time consuming...well u get the point.

I just wanted to share so that others were aware of more elaborate options as well. To be honest, I really do not advocate this for the average user. You have to be willing to put some effort in.
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