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My wife said, Stop talking about it & buy 1 already!

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So I did.

Placed an order for Epson Cinema 200+.

My first projector and hopefully not my last. I been lurking in the projector forum for a while now and finally pull the trigger... although it took a good head smacking from my wife for me to finally pull the trigger... heh.

Just wanted to thank everyone who posted their opinions and thoughts on these forum. I really enjoyed reading and learning about projectors... and will continue to watch for the next, greatest, big bang for your buck projector... upgrade... doh!
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Good Wife. :)

Enjoy your projector.
My wife said, Stop talking about it & buy 1 already!
About time! ;)

Ja Phule, nice sig. :D
A few more weeks of incessant projector talk from me and I'd be willing to bet my wife will do the same.
Best tool for selling the wife on it is an in-home demo of some sort. You can either:

a. Borrow someone's projector, or one from work

b. Rent a business projector, use it, and tell her that the one you want looks even better

c. Get a dealer who'll do an in-home demo, or finally...

d. Buy from a source with a liberal return policy. Just take the plunge.

Once she sees her favorite movie 7+ feet wide on the wall at home, she'll be sold in no time. Once you tell her you can get one for half the price of a cheap plasma, and even cheaper than most RPTV's, it's a slam-dunk.

My wife is more frugal than Ebenezer Scrooge, and bought off on us getting an InFocus SP-4805 as our "next TV" after I borrowed a business projector from work & showed movies from my laptop for a couple of weekends in a row. She makes me buy my shoes at the outlet mall, but I was able to get the home theater projector with no argument.

Sales 101, gentlemen... ;)
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I bought my first projector in '97, a Sony 1020Q crt. My wife thought I was nuts but was understanding as always. I'm now on my 3rd projector, a Sharp M20X and she would not live without one. We now have a dedicated theater and she loves it as much as I do.

Fartnokker is right, if you can show her at home how it will look she will be sold.

When we're in a store and see HD sets I always remind my wife that we have an 106" HD picture for the price of my DLP.

True, but now that we have a PJ, the wife is content and convincing her to allow an upgrade is all the more difficult now.
Never discount the value of the in-home demo - either your local dealer, or your return guaranteed warehouse, or even your 15% restocking fee. Just explain that you will return (or sell) whichever one she sees is the worst in blind testing - the old one or new one.

You have one advantage at play - women see better than men.

They will SEE the difference. They don't want to HEAR you talk about the difference. That usually involves that Hugh Grant guy and you keeping your mouth shut!

Maybe we can get pjgirl to come by with some trade secrets......
which could be the start of an interesting thread Kras. WHY IS THE FORUM SO HEAVILY WEIGHTED WITH MALES? but we better not even ASK the question or suffer the rath poor lawrence summers is getting at harvard..hehehe
I presume women know they are superior to men in this area - and thus feel no need to talk about it to make up for their inadequacies.

My wife yelled at me when I bought mine :(

and I lied about the price :( :(

But I bought her a new car and she forgot about the PJ...she still doesn't know how much it costs!
women superior? LOL that was funny kras.

In regards to color vision they are. Many males are even color blind. Women have long names for every possible shade of green - that men just call green. That is all we see!
correct, but they are just coming up with a million versions of the same color. everyone knows there are only 2 colors since black is actually the absence of all light....white and green ofcourse
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