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My Wkend

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Hey guys. Just wanted to share in my excitement.

Got up early Saturday morning and made a two hour drive to p/u my first CRT!!!

My new pj is a NEC 9PG+ and the best news.....it only has 1362 hrs on it. Tubes on this thing are all 9+, including the green. Absolutely 0 wear and appears to be in perfect working order. The person I bought it from was VERY accomodating(Thanks Nick!!!). He pulled off the lens for me, displayed a signal and alleviated all of my concerns.

I ordered a transcoder online and am still awaiting it's arrival so I wont be able to set this thing up until later this wk(hoping that it makes it here by friday). Because of my impatience, I even considered moving my computer to the LR so I could go ahead and begin setup. However, I'll probably wait because I am only going to run 480P DVD from a stand alone and 1080i/720P from a cable receiver.

I have owned 4 digitals, including the 2 that I have right now. I chose the NEC because of it's color performance and EM focus. Of course I would have prefered 9" LC, but that was out of my budget. I am VERY eager to get the NEC setup. My current digital is a 720P unit with a static CR of only 1400:1 and a dynamic CR of 2900:1. As you can imagine, I am expecting BIG performance out of the NEC in comparison.

I am only using a 70 inch wide 2.0AR screen, so I am hoping light output from the NEC will be sufficient for a punchy image. The digital I have right now outputs 390 true calibrated lumens and is very punchy.

Anyway, I've read thru the tinman/feathers mechanical setup guide twice, and the previous owner gave me both the user and service manuals, so i hope that by this time next monday, I'll be up and running.

Thanks to everyone, especially Curt and I'll update this thread as I go.


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Take your time in reading, learning and actual set up of your new toy.
Thanks for the tip. I intend to do just that.

One question, the lens were exposed to sunlight. Did that damage anything?


Just saw the answer Mark gave in another thread, thanks!!!
Welcome to the club! I'm just beginning the NEC Life (been a Barco man so far) and have a 9PG+ and a 9PG Xtra that I just picked up.

LC lenses will have the C element melt if left in the sun... I doubt whether the HD145(N) colored lenses on your Plus will be effected.
Congrats on the new PJ! One thing holds true with NEC's: Read the manual!!

(There's no step by step on-screen guide so you can't really fudge your way through the install).

Welcome csedaniel...

Hope you get a terrific picture from your new toy!

While set up a CRT is essential for best performance, I have come to conclusion that finding a flawless (other than tubes) CRT becoming more difficult than performing the initial set up.

The reason I say this is because I just read over the other new nec XG that he has issues with overblown gain, and lines in the picture etc. I hope that this one turns out OK. :)
Thanks for the reamarks guys!!! :)

I too, hope that i dont have any problems like gary is having. good luck to him. I guess i'll get to find out soon enough. :-D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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