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Let me start by saying I live in small town Alaska and can't listen to products before I buy them, also shipping things back is costly. Now, I have about a year old Pioneer Andrew Jones 5.0 speaker system with a NXG sub that was running off a 15 year old Sony. I planned on upgrading my speaker system (probably to an Aperion system, I've heard the Intimus line before) in another year so I got a great deal on a Amazon Warehouse "Like New" Yamaha RX-A830. When I got the "new" receiver I hooked up my SP-FS52's and didn't like the way it sounded. It sounded more hollow than my old Sony and I know volume is relative to what one thinks is loud but -15DB on the volume and I can still hear my dogs clacking on the floor. My sony only had to be turned 1/3 of the way up to sound as loud. So I hooked up the center and surrounds and turned on the receiver and POP! DC output problem, protect mode and sending back. My question is two fold: should I assume the "Like New" Yamaha was a bum and that's why i didn't like the sound(lotsa people online love this thing)? I can get a new one from Amazon for $500, but if its worth it I can spend up to $800. I have these choices:

Yamaha RX-A830 - $500
Yamaha RX-1030 - $700
Marantz SR7007 -
Denon X4000 - $800
used Anthem MX 310 - $?
Is Emotiva gonna make more Fusion 8100's? - $500
Any other internet brands?

Also will any of these be too much for my current speakers until I can afford to upgrade them?

Thanks from Alaska!!!

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Current AVRs tend to use a logarithmic volume scale such that 2/3 of max is average volume level for TV and a little louder for movie/music listening so you can't compare the volume "scale" vs. the Sony, rather simply whether the AVR can reach the volume level you prefer without shutting down. On that list, the Denon X4000 is the highest level model and more likely to provide the best audio quality.
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