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I have never gotten the MyHD 120 to work right. I am trying to play back a saved HD movie that is spread over 100+ files.

First off, I am using the a Revo 7.1 on a P4 2.5Ghz with 640 megs RAM with an ATI Radeon 9500 as well.

Can someone confirm settings first? Revo is set to DIGITAL.

Now, in MyHD, what should the AUDIO OUTPUT be set at?



-cable out


Under the digital audio in MyHD, should it be set to Dolby Surround or SPDIF?

I assume SPDIF for both settings? The source files are 5.1.... I got MyHD to work with WAVE but there would be random audio dropouts every 10 minutes or so and the picture would freeze up and then it would all re-sync.

Now it will not work with any sound at all. I verified that in Windows XP, I have audio so the Revo is working fine.....

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