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Cliff asked to try and keep tech support, new feature requests and confirmed bugs organized separately so the MIT guys can get us what we want more efficiently :D.

This thread is for *confirmed bugs*. As such, Cliff, Kei or an MIT rep should verify the bug before posting the bug description here. Kind of like a thread based Bugzilla (an open source bug reprting/management system).

To kick this off from the tech support thread:

Originally posted by Mike Shappell

Bug Report:

1) SPDIF pass-through has issues.

I was incredibly impressed by the cards ability to pass-through SPDIF to the sound card. However, my excitment turned to a bit of frustration as I noticed that I experience a number of dropouts of the audio when using this feature. I have tried this with both an SB Live and DIO 2496 and both cards have this problem, although I think the DIO is worse.

The settings I am using are WAV only checked for audio output and SPDIF selected as the digital output type. I noticed that the DIO does properly detect the SPDIF stream and switch to professional/non-audio in the control panel (but this does not appear to be required). Is there a way to avoid the dropouts that someone (e.g. Cliff knows about? I have found that the problem occurs when I set the DIO card to SPDIF input and route the sound through the card as well. The problem did not appear to happen when I connected the card directly to the receiver/decoder, but I would need more time to verify that one.

Some more testing reveals that if you pass SPDIF through the WAV device, then even the audio signal out the SPDIF port is affected. Occassionally, I get drops in audio to the SPDIF port unless I turn off WAV as an output device. I sure hope this can be fixed quickly as it is one of a few flaws that I have encountered for this card.

For those in the Seattle area, the card does properly handle AC3 content. Problem: I noticed that when a AC3 broadcast finishes, the sound for the regular stereo broadcast does not resume until I change channels. Others have pointed out the ABC in Seattle broadcasts on PID 0x24 for nornal and 0x25 for AC3. My guess is that the software does not reset after the lost signal on 0x25.

2) S-Video appears to be much brighter than its DTV counterparts.

I switched to an S-VIDEO source and the brightness was too high. I got this adjusted and switched back to DTV and it was now to bright. Do we need separate controls for the two inputs?



This has been noted and confirmed. It's a bug.


Best Regards, Cliff

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