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Hopefully some HTPC gurus can help me figure out my MyHD install problem. Here's my basics:

* New HTPC built with Intel D845PEBT2 motherboard

* Windows XP with all current SP's loaded

* Using onboard SPDIF output

* Using onboard LAN

* Intel P4 2.4

*128mb RAM (more RAM coming)

* Radeon 9700 card using 3.2 drivers

* Toshiba 1712 dvd-rom installed and working

* Seagate barracuda 80gb hard drive

* Zalman vga heatsink (you know, the waffle iron)

* Other than the vga card, the MyHD is the only card installed in a PCI slot

I've spent many hours trying to figure out why I'm getting the message "Device cannot start (Code 10)". I've uninstalled MyHD numerous times without success. I just recently uninstalled both MyHD and the ATI drivers, pulled the MyHD card out of the PC and rebooted. Upon startup windows recognized the vga card and I manually selected the radeon drivers. I then shutdown the PC, put the MyHD card back in and rebooted. Windows recognized the MyHD card and I manually selected the version 1.60 drivers, and again the Code 10 message.

During the HTPC build, I update the BIOS from Intel and ran the Intel chipset software install utility, installed MS directx 9a and then installed the intel application accelartor. This is the recommended build path per Intel.

When I review the device manager the radeon card shows its using PCI bus 1. I don't know if this is correct even though the card is in the AGP slot. Maybe the AGP bridge causes this to happen.

I have a desktop (Dell 4550) PC that uses the same chipset and windows xp. I installed the MyHD card in the Dell and it installed and worked fine, so I know there isn't anything wrong with the card.

Thanks in advance for helping me resolve this install problem and get back to normal sleeping hours.

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