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MyHD MDP 100 vs 120 vs 130

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I've done some searching but I can't really identify the differences between the MyHD MDP-100/120/130. Does anyone have some insight or a good site that breaks down the differences?
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MDP100: No DVI, 1st Generation Tuner

MDP120: DVI w/daughterboard, 2nd Generation Tuner

MDP130: DVI w/daughterboard, 3rd Generation Tuner, QAM capable

all run the same drivers/application

I really have no reason to output the signal to my TV. I only plan to watch (and record) a few HD shows to have in a window on my monitor. I plan on upgrading my monitor to an HD compatible LCD.

Could I do what I'm describing with the 100 or would I need the DVI to output a 1280 x 1024 signal? Are the 2nd and 3rd generation tuners THAT much better? If so, how? More sensitive?
You could do it with the 100, but tuners certain;y are better in the 120 and now the 130. The 130 has been great for some multipathing issues I had.
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