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I selected DTS-HD Master Audio at the beginning of the Catching Fire BD, and it launched a sound check. The beginning of it checks your speaker configuration by sending output through one speaker at a time, around the room. It then checks for speaker phasing, playing various pairs of speakers at a time.

But the BD DTS-HD sound check sends the test signal for the Right Surround AND the Rear Rear Surround both through the Right Surround. Same situation for the left speakers. It's as if it thinks I have a 5.1 set-up.

Here's why this is so strange. When the sound check does the phase checks, it includes the Rear Surrounds...in other words they are working fine and where expected.

My receiver's (Yamaha RX-V867) built-in speaker check shows my 7.1 configuration working correctly. It also plays DTS-HD just fine...so why bother with the new thread right?...still just curious if the DTS sound check shipped with the BD is flawed.

My next step will be to find some other DTS-HD test disc...any recommendations?
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